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PDF icon Fall 2017 1.09 MB

20th Anniversary Issue
BGHP Story told by founder, Julie Ohnemus, MD
Photos from a few celebratory events

PDF icon Spring 2017 769.38 KB

Telling  By Mary Meengs, MD
Young Breast Cancer Survivors:  Becoming a Wounded Healer  By Brenda Elvine-Kreis
BGHP is celebrating our 20th Anniversary

PDF icon Fall 2016 810 KB

Genetic Risk for Breast or Gynecologic Cancer
Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study Results
Fall Concert 2016

PDF icon Spring 2016 955 KB

Genes, Genetic and Genomics
Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study Forums
Outreach sites in Fortuna and Garberville

PDF icon Fall 2015 1.2 MB

Exercise Oncology
Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study
Favorite Websites

PDF icon Spring 2015 976 KB

Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study

PDF icon Fall 2014 1 MB

New Name and New Look for the Breast and GYN Health Project
Grant looks at Humboldt County's Breast Cancer Mortality
GYN Gal Story

PDF icon Spring 2014 866 KB

Status of Intraductal Approach to Breast Cancer Study by Ellen Mahoney, MD
Vacation Raffle 2014
Client Roundtable Provides Feedback
Warmliners - The Heart of the Project by Mary Meengs, MD
Spotlight on Eel River Valley Outreach Center
RN Breast Health Navigation

PDF icon Falll 2013 989 KB

The Toll of Treatment
13th Annual Fall Concert
HCBHP Awarded Breast Health Navigation Grant
Fortuna Support Makes a Difference

PDF icon Spring 2013 1.2 MB

Advanced Cancer & Advanced Group
Remembering Four Women
Vacation Raffle
Fortuna Outreach Expansion
Strategic Planning
Integrative Wellness Fund

PDF icon Fall 2012 475 KB

How the Project's Support Groups Began by Julie Ohnemus, MD
The Value of Support Groups by Mary Mengs
The Uninvited Recurring Dream by Missy Gruen
Nicole Nada's "Cancer Kicking" Experience

PDF icon Spring 2012 484 KB

Reflection - Past, Present, Forward by Julie Ohnemus, MD
New Dimensions of Eating Right by Julie Ohnemus, MD
Being Young & Diagnosed with Cancer by Brenda Elvine-Kreis
Resources for Families with Children by Brenda Elvine-Kreis

PDF icon Fall 2011 618 KB

2011: Pivotal Year in Cervical Cancer Screening By Julie Ohnemus, MD
HCBHP's Life-Giving Gynecologic Cancer Support Group By Linda Serrano
Want to Help Save a Life? By Mary Meengs, MD
Stepping Into a Process By Lisa Slack

PDF icon Spring 2011 780 KB

Healing - Being Fully Human by Julie Ohnemus, MD
Making Peace with Uncertainty by Mary Meengs, MD
Thoughts on Healthy Survivorship by Brenda Elvin-Kreis

PDF icon Fall 2010 524 KB

Healing Is... by Mary Meengs
Healing Is... by Julie Ohnemus, MD
Mad River Hospital Supports HCBHP Patient Navigation
Gynecologic Cancer Survivors Are Passionate Educators

PDF icon Spring 2010 770 KB

Ask Dr. Julie
Surprise Diagnosis
"Warmline" Volunteers

PDF icon Fall 2009 901 KB

Ask Dr. Julie
A Couple's Journey
Volunteering with Vicky & Lindsey

PDF icon April 2009 714 KB

New Thinking About Osteoporosis
Bone Health & Cancer Treatment: A Juggling Act
Kay Thorton-Fitts

PDF icon September 2008 752 KB

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness
GYN Girls - Gynecologic Cancer Support Group
Breast Cancer 2008 and Beyond
2nd Opinions

PDF icon May 2008 395 KB

DCIS & A Research Study in Humboldt County
8th Annual WeCAN Seminar<
Ione M. Ellis
Guy's Night

PDF icon January 2008 701 KB

Personalized Cancer Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities in Breast Cancer Therapy in 2007 and Beyond

PDF icon September 2007 1.2 MB

10 Years of HCBHP
Maria Carrillo

PDF icon June 2007 3.8 MB

Cancer as a Family Experience

PDF icon Januaary 2007 1.6 MB

Prevention of Cervical Cancer
Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Individualizing Breast Cancer Decisions

PDF icon September 2006 6.2 MB

Raloxifene vs. Tamoxifen as PREVENTION of Breast Cancer
Reflections After 10 Years
Witnessing the Journey

PDF icon January 2006 5.3 MB

"Tell Me the Truth in the Most Optimistic Way"
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

PDF icon Summer 2005 4.8 MB

The Two-Edge Sword - The Power of Communication
The Humboldt Breast Medicine Project

PDF icon Winter 2005 4.2 MB

The Up-dated Role of AIs in Breast Cancer and more...

PDF icon Fall 2004 5 MB

GYN Special Edition
Regarding Ovarian Cancer, Ca-125 and Ultrasound

PDF icon Spring 2004 4.7 MB

Overweight, Obesity and Cancer?
The Agonizing Dilemma of Decision Making
WeCAN Training
They're H.O.T. - Helping Latina Women

PDF icon Winter 2004 5.2 MB

A Change in Standard of Care? Letrozole after Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer
Cancer in Younger Women

PDF icon Fall 2003 1.2 MB

The Rope Burns of Cancer and Beyond

PDF icon Summer 2003 5.2 MB

American Society of Clinical Oncology Conference 2003
Traditional Medicine and Cancer: An Integrative Approach
The Prayer Wheel - A Way to Pray (exerpt from Prayer in Psychotherapy)

PDF icon Spring 2003 2.3 MB

The Latest in Breast Health and Breast Cancer
 Nutrition and Cancer Part 2
The Consultation Planning Process
Recent Recommendations on CAM

PDF icon Winter 2003 4.9 MB

Nutrition and Cancer Part 1
Do's and Don'ts: My friend or loved one has cancer... What should I say? What should I do?

PDF icon Fall 2002 4.3 MB

Questions Surrounding Hormonal Replacement Therapy
The Women's Health Initiative, New Facts About: ESTROGEN / PROGESTIN HORMONE THERAPY

PDF icon Spring 2002 6.7 MB

Risk Reduction - Melatonin and Breast Health
Patient Navigation
The Latest Mammography Debate
Help from Afar, Part II

PDF icon Fall 2001 4.9 MB

Breast Health & Risk Reduction
Help from Afar, Part I

PDF icon Summer 2001 3.4 MB

Risk Assessment in Early-Stage Breast Cancer

PDF icon Spring 2001 6 MB

What We Actually Know About Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer in 2000
Mindful Menopause - Urogenital Atrophy
Virginia Marie Higgins

PDF icon Fall 2000 3.8 MB

Ductal Lavage
Her2 Testing

PDF icon Summer 2000 3.8 MB

Mindful Menopause: Hot Flashes & Soy
Some Facts About the Role of Support Person

PDF icon Spring 2000 3.6 MB

?Consensus on treatment of DCIS?
Baby Boomers Move into the Pause
What can patients do to prepare themselves for surgery?

PDF icon Fall 1999 5 MB

Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy
Overview: Breast Cancer in 1999
A Time to Find Meaning

PDF icon Summer 1999 3 MB

Tamoxifen as Breast Cancer Prevention? - The P-1 Trial: Proceed with Caution
Media, Money and Medicine: Tamoxifen Redux
Make Tomatoes Your Main Squeeze
Cancer and the Search for Meaning