Rural Breast Cancer Survivor Study 2016

The Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study was a pilot study that looked at Humboldt County's high breast cancer mortality rate.  The Breast and GYN Health Project (BGHP) in conjunction with Humboldt State University's California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP) completed an 18-month research study to look at Humboldt County's high breast cancer mortality rate.  The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) funded this pilot study.

The pilot study was a first step to explore factors contributing to this health disparity based on analysis of 20 years of California Cancer Registry data.  The two study questions were:

(1)  How does Humboldt County compare to the rest of the state and other rural areas?
(2)  What factors are linked to a higher risk of dying from breast cancer?

This was the first time that deaths from breast cancer in California have been analyzed based on population density.

The Rural Breast Cancer Survival Study did not  focus on reasons why women are getting breast cancer, but focused on analyzing data to understand why some women have poorer survival than others.  This is because the death rate from breast cancer (not the incidence rate, which is the rate at which women are getting breast cancer) has consistently been higher in women in Humboldt County compared to most counties in the state.

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