Staff & Volunteers

Rose Gale-Zoellick, MSW, MPH, Executive Director   825-8345 x-110

Lisa Petterson, RN, Client Services Director   825-8345 x-115

Madelin Amir, NP, Breast Health Navigator   825-8345  x-135

Brenda Elvine-Kreis, MS, Client Services Coordinator   825-8345  x-125

Amanda Near, Volunteer Coordinator & Development Assistant   825-8345  x-120

Barbara Sage, Office Manager   825-8345  x-130

Mary Meengs, MD, Part-time Medical Consultant

Rebecca Zettler, RN, Gynecologic Cancer Support Group Facilitator

Sue Mossman, PhD, Volunteer Information Specialist

and some of BGHP's Warmline Volunteers
BGHP warmliners