Facing Cancer?

Treatment Tips

The Breast and GYN Health Project web site aims to provide a lot of useful information, including treatment tips for chemotherapy and radiation therapy. BGHP offers a wide variety of services, all free of charge.  Please refer to our web page on services for more information.

In addition to helping people who are diagnosed with cancer, we have resources for caregivers and families. If you are interested, please call our office.  In the meantime, here are a few ways support people can help people in treatment (without being asked!):

  • Provide rides to doctor appointments and treatment appointments - people undergoing radiation therapy often enjoy company
  • Offer to take notes at medical appointments
  • Provide child care - arrange play dates with other children, attend the children's events such as sport games and recitals, take the children for a sleepover, read to the children
  • Offer to take care of the animals, e.g., pet the cat, walk the dog
  • Organize or participate in providing meals, MealTrain is a useful website for coordination
  • Set up and/or participate in a CaringBridge.org page for the ill person - it helps the sick person to see your messages of support and supporters can view updates in one place. It can be hard to answer each friend/family member individually, especially when sharing potentially hard news in repeated conversations
  • Share a movie once a week, return to pick it up
  • Prepare and deliver a meal or make meals, breads, cookies that can be frozen and used as needed.  You can also learn their favorite restaurants or meals and have DoorDash or other delivery services deliver the meals directly
  • Offer to do the laundry
  • Offer to do the grocery shopping - help create the grocery list.  Instacart or other food delivery services are helpful for this need too.
  • Offer to mow the yard or do other yard work
  • Offer to handle the family's recycling
  • Offer to clean house, the bathrooms or the kitchen one day a week
  • Deliver a gas card to the family, if appropriate
  • Deliver a gift certificate for a healing massage
  • Pay for dinner at a restaurant then baby-sit the children while the parents have an evening out together
  • Offer to make phone calls or send e-mails to update friends
  • Create playlists of music to listen to during treatment

Good Gifts

Gift certificates for meal delivery, grocery delivery, laundry service, housecleaning, pet care, videos, music, bath supplies, lotions. Certificate for massage or make-over.


Questions and Comments

For questions and comments about our treatment tips, please call us at (707) 825-8345.