Preparing for a Medical Appointment

Keep a file to organize your medical reports and research articles. Ask for a copy of all test results, path and lab reports.  BGHP staff can provide you with information to help you understand your reports.  We also do Consultation Planning (CP) to help you prepare for your next appointment as well as providing you a Medical Records Binder.

Keep a journal.  Write down your questions for the health care providers, outcome of tests and appointments.  This will help you to remember vital information and may become a useful record for future use.  Take a moment to write down your feelings as well.  Journaling helps to relieve fears and emotions.  Keeping a record of what worked and what didn't may help another with breast cancer later.  BGHP has free journals if you would like to stop by to get one.  These journals were donated by caring and creative supporters who understand the value of journaling.

Questions and Comments

For questions and comments about preparing for medical appointments, please call us (707) 825-8345.