Integrative Wellness Fund

Nicole Nada

Our Story

The Integrative Wellness Fund (IWF) was started in 2013 by Nicole Nada. Nicole had been diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to help other local people receive integrative care to support their journey with cancer.

Nicole believed in using many healing modalities to support her health and her journey with cancer. She received traditional treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and was always looking to enhance her livelihood with additional treatments.

Nicole Nada, cyclist

Healing Modalities

This fund is a gift to all local people receiving breast and gyn cancer treatment, or dealing with post treatment effects regardless of financial ability.

Healing modalities  currently offered:
•    acupuncture
•    massage/ Lymphatic drainage
•    mindfulness meditation
•    hypnotherapy
•    tai chi
•    yoga
•    pilates
•    nutrition consultation


Nicole Nada, mother

How the Integrative Wellness Fund Works

The Integrative Wellness Fund will cover the cost of one "trial" session of one modality and will cost-share up to three additional sessions of any modality.

To receive funds, fill out an application which is available on this web page and at the Breast and GYN Health Project.


Download the application here.  Applications also available at the Breast and GYN Health Project

Breast and GYN Health Project
987 8th St, Arcata CA  95521
(707) 825-8345