For Medical Professionals

The Breast and GYN Health Project's mission includes being a partner with healthcare professionals to help create a seamless network of care for people facing breast or gynecologic cancer.  We all want patients to get the care and support they need.  BGHP serves as a valuable resource for you and your patients.  Working together to support the highest quality care possible for local cancer patients.

The Breast and GYN Health Project is available to assist and provide resources for medical professionals such as:

To refer a patient - we welcome a call from the patient, but encourage a referral phone call or fax from you.  It you find it useful (but it is not required), we have created a simple referral form, no additional records to send, just get the patient's consent for us to contact them.

Need brochures and/or flyers?  Please call us at (707) 825-8345.

Need a brief presentation for medical office staff to orient you and your patients to BGHP services?  Please call us at (707) 825-8345.